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Jan 15, 2022

Existing-Home Sales Rise by 7% in September 2021, Surpassing Estimates

The median price (MP) for a US family home stood at $352,800 in September 2021, a decline in the MP. The last time the MP of a family home was at this level was November 2020, increasing ever since (in April 2021, it was $376,600, and in August 2021, $390,900). Nevertheless, home sales increased by seven percent in September compared to August, rising to an adjusted annual figure of 6,300,000 u...

Jan 6, 2022

Can rental properties be more than just additional income?

Real estate investments sound simple in theory: buy a property, flip it or rent it out, then invest your profits further until you are financially comfortable. In reality, gaining enough profit from your investments takes time and careful consideration, and those expecting a quick turnaround are left disappointed after conducting basic research into the matter. For those, returns from owning re...

Dec 28, 2021

5 Reasons Why Real Estate is a Stable Investment

Is real estate really one of the safest investments one can make? Even in these uncertain and insecure times, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, a recent Gallup Poll showed it to be a preferred investment over gold, stocks, and mutual funds. As the population continues to grow and expound, space is limited, and land is not just something that can be made from thin air. Hence, it’s low-ris...

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Dec 15, 2021

How Much Does Ukraine Earn From Football Fans And Why Is There Not Enough Real Estate For Tourists?

Ukraine was a host of Euro-2012, a major international football event, which brought internal investments of around 5 billion dollars to build infrastructural objects. There were also other football events hosted by Ukraine in the years after. But Ukraine is also a general tourist destination, which annually welcomes approximately 14 million tourists (before Covid-19 corrections). Some numbers ...

Dec 9, 2021

Start Property Investing: The Example Of A 25-Year-Old Co-Owner Of Properties For Over $9 Million

Many people choose to deal with the investment activity to build their wealth. There’re frequent questions, what they should start with and how to diversify a portfolio. Today real estate market is one of the promising ones. That’s why investing in the right type of property, people can earn much money even without a huge experience and connections in the industry. DGY is a reliable real estate...

Dec 2, 2021

Why China Has Recently Become A Bad Direction For Profitable Investments From Abroad

China has been widely considered as an Asian economic miracle by many – before 2020. In 2021, its political and financial problems aggravated, which has put many foreign investments in jeopardy. Below, we’re considering foreign investment enterprise crisis reasons in China in more detail. How foreign investments in China is regulated?China has a particular legislation piece called the Negative ...

Nov 28, 2021

​Real Estate Industry Is Now More Prepared To Mitigate Another Wave Of Covid-Related Crisis

November 1, 2021, is a black day for many residents of Ukraine. Not only the majority of regions of Ukraine have gone to the ‘red zone’ of quarantine but also it is since that day, all non-vaccinated citizens of Kyiv are forbidden from free movements in the Ukrainian capital. Unvaccinated people can’t use public transportation, malls, publically open venues (like cinemas), or governmental facil...

Nov 19, 2021

​What Is The 2% Rule In Real Estate? Should Everyone Use It For Profitable Investments?

Investors in real estate use various rules, which help them organize their business and make the most benefit from it. A 2% rule is one of the main principles, which can be applied by businessmen. With the help of it, it’s much easier to define, whether a property is worth investing in. Today we will observe the issue of this rule of thumb and find out how you can use it in real life. The essen...

Nov 12, 2021

​What Does “Pending” Status Mean In The Market Of Real Estate? And What Its Different Options Are

Scanning the market for possibilities of purchasing a house or another type of property, you might have spotted that some objects are marked as “pending” or “contingent”. If you’re interested, what does pending mean when buying a house, this article is for you. Below, we’re considering both “pending” and “contingent” statuses of objects. What is pending in real estate?When you see the ‘pending’...

Nov 1, 2021

​Six Reliable Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Buying Property In 2022

Okay, so you have some money accumulated with the purpose of investing. But you really hate dealing with that boring and tiresome thing of being a landlord and everything connected (like finding a good physical real estate object, dealing with its finishing, furnishing, finding tenants, collecting monthly payments from them, listening to their demands & whining, and spending your nerves when de...

Oct 29, 2021

Comparing Two Large Capitals – Kyiv, Ukraine Vs Toronto, Canada: Where To Invest?

A good investor with available money is always in search of new opportunities. Not rarely, the process goes out of borders of just one country or even continent. In this article, we’re making the comparison of two countries located on two continents – Toronto, Canada & Kyiv, Ukraine. An unexpected winner is estimated by the end of the article! For the sake of making our comparative calculations...

Oct 25, 2021

How Psychology Affects Property Investing And What Are The Effective Strategies To Follow

Warren Buffet said that you don’t need to be a superhuman with stellar IQ and analytical abilities who owns inside information to be successful in investing. You simply have not to let your psychology corrode your cold-headed decisions, he added. Although this advice sounds too general, it is, in fact, a good way to work on a real estate market – considering its long-time investment nature and ...

Oct 18, 2021

Twelve Types of Investment Property You Should Always Avoid In Your Investing Activity

While there is a huge number of precautions, rules, and pieces of advice that you shall follow when working in the market of real estate investment (and we wrote already about so many in our previous blog posts), there are certain no-no’s, which you definitely should stay away from. We’re concisely listing below 12 kinds of property, which you don’t even have to consider if you’re a wise invest...

Oct 14, 2021

Hidden Costs in Real Estate Investments: Buying And Selling, Owning, And Running

As a company professionally operating on a Ukrainian market of real estate, DGY would like to make their clients more informed about the carrying costs, which they have to bear when they become landlords in Ukraine. Many of the below-mentioned costs are also relevant for other markets, so, by reading this article, you might receive a good picture of carrying costs in other countries and markets...

Oct 5, 2021

How Landlords Can Easily And Accurately Track Their Rental Property Expenses

Careful tracking of incomes & expenses is what every financially diligent person has to do in their life. Not only this is about the correct definition of cash flows they have but also about taxes correctness & calculation of real available resources to plan their life & further business process. Why & how to track expenses?When you track rental income, you stay organized, which is crucial for ...

Oct 2, 2021

3 Reasons To Invest In Property In Kyiv And Available Ways Of Doing It In 2022

Kyiv real estate market is strong in 2021. The same strong, as expected, it will enter 2022. As the lockdown waves show, Kyiv doesn’t follow trends of the most influential economies of the world – when another lockdown happens, the prices for square meters here grow, not fall. Even with many idle periods for the past 15 years of annual publically available statistics for the capital’s real esta...

Sep 26, 2021

Real Estate Investments VS Fixed Deposits In A Ukrainian Bank: What’s More Beneficial?

A wise investor knows that diversification of a portfolio is able to cover possible fluctuations of assets in one basket. While this strategy is widely applicable throughout the world, it is not as straightforward in Ukraine, where various types of investment opportunities as of 2021 create not a similar income but very different. Investment property and other investment opportunities analysis ...

Sep 25, 2021

Stock Markets VS Real Estate Investments: What’s Better To Choose For A Beginning Investor?

Have you ever wondered why the property is called real estate? Not only because it’s something you can tangibly palpate with your fingers but also because it has been and still remains one of the asset types, which provide real profitability in most countries. Real estate at a glancePeople may change, epochs may go, empires rise and fall. Even stars may collide to blaze as supernovas. But prope...

Sep 22, 2021

Are The Investments In Yachts And Real Estate Are More Assets Than Liabilities?

When you have money, you are always looking to invest it in something, which is worth it. The modern situation with real estate in Ukraine shows positive changes and an impressive rise in this sphere. Thus, if you have $100,000 and are ready to invest, what should you choose – a luxury yacht or a property? Asset vs liabilityFirst of all, we need to answer the question ‘What are assets?’ This te...

Sep 20, 2021

Stock Markets Vs Real Estate Investments: What Is Better To Invest In 2022?

Many people with money think of investment activity. There’re various ways to invest money, and sometimes it’s difficult to make the right decision. It gets even more complicated in the current situation when COVID-19 hits many sectors. Among diverse spheres to invest in, businessmen are more interested in real estate and stocks today because they can help them earn lots of money. In our articl...

Sep 15, 2021

London VS Kyiv: Comparing Two Capitals To Define, Which Is A Better Investment

London has been one of the most expensive capitals to rent a house or apartment to reside in, no matter short or long term. However, in 2021 and in several upcoming years, the margins of earnings compared to the cost of real estate objects (which is ROI) stay low, being on the lower spectrum of the 1-digit figure. At the same time, Kyiv is a high-pacing city, which overtakes the banner of one o...

Sep 12, 2021

Investor Networking Portfolio: What Specialists Do You Need For Property Investment Abroad?

The modern situation in the real estate market with a growing demand for residential property makes many people invest money in this sector. The prices greatly depend on the country with the most affordable prices in Eastern Europe (for instance, in Ukraine). When investing in real estate, it’s important to know about all the peculiarities, laws, and other issues related to a definite country. ...

Sep 10, 2021

The Boom Of Prices In Ukraine Of The Latest Years Is Explained With Influencing Factors

Ukraine has one of the most corrupt economies in the world. Based on various estimates, from third to half of the Ukrainian economy is in shadow, which is caused by corruption, unclear laws, and an unripe taxation system. These result in underperformance in tax collection, economic growth, and the absence of many investment tools. So, as of 2021, only two real investment opportunities are avail...

Sep 6, 2021

Earn 40% Upwards by Flipping! Look At Ukrainian Market With Many Real Estate Opportunities

Flipping can be a steady business, which allows many individuals to live and thrive, even growing into companies of various sizes. We’re looking at flipping opportunities of the Ukrainian market and provide some calculations given the available objects. What is flipping houses?To flip a house or apartment means to buy one for a lower price and sell it for a higher price in a short term (usually...

Sep 5, 2021

3 major risks in real estate and possible types of problems you may face

Any investment activity is connected with certain risks because it’s impossible to predict everything. There are always unplanned situations, which can influence the amount and time of returns. Real estate investment is not an exception. If you decide to invest money in property in Ukraine, it’s important to know about all real estate investment risks and ways to avoid them. Types of risks in i...

Sep 2, 2021

Commercial VS Residential Real Estate: What Are Their Similarities And Differences

There are two major types of real estate that investors work with. In this article, we’re considering and comparing commercial vs residential, including their definitions and discrepancies in profitability. Commercial and residential properties: their similarities and differencesYou might have found different definitions of what is commercial property and what is residential. Let’s summarize th...

Sep 2, 2021

Tel Aviv vs Kyiv: Comparing The Cost Of Living And Investing In The Two Capitals

If you’re in the midst of the process of deciding, where to invest, this article could be helpful. In it, we’re looking at the cost of living in the countries of Israel and Ukraine, specifically, in their capitals, Tel Aviv and Kyiv. We also consider, what prices do the capitals have on real estate to calculate the potential profits. Let’s begin with finding out is Tel Aviv expensive. To make i...

Aug 31, 2021

What Does An Investor Need To Know About The Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Do you want to know if rental income counts as earned income & find out other questions about tax deductions? You’ve opened the right article then! We’re telling you here what taxes are deductible from your yearly income & how you can use them properly in various scenarios. We’re also doing some math to make it more understandable. Important! When you’re reading the article, you should remember...

Aug 29, 2021

Covid pandemic & its influence on the UK house prices in London & sales

The property market in the UK is constantly changing. With the recent situation with Covid-19, it survived great shakes. With a significant boom in real estate prices in recent years, the pandemic provoked even bigger changes making our house the whole world. Thus, we can see the biggest rise in house prices in modern history. The greatest changes on the market in LondonWhen Covid first hit Bri...

Aug 26, 2021

What Are The Two Types Of People Qualifying To Be Real Estate Landlords

We’re talking here about the qualities you should have as an investor in rented real estate. Simply put, there are two types of people who should be investors. Is the landlord an investment opportunity for you? That’s what you’re about to find out now. Real estate landlord qualitiesThere are only two major categories of investors who are hundred-percent suitable for real estate investing: Those...

Aug 26, 2021

Americans See Real Estate As A Better Investment Than Stock Market Or Gold

Since the very beginning of money as a means for wealth accumulation, people became interested in, well, accumulation. The tools allowing doing that are numerous and have been dramatically changing during the course of history if to say least. In this article, we’re trying to look at the cost fluctuations historically based on verified data collected from numerous sources to define, how exactly...

Aug 25, 2021

Various Types Of Property, Which Can Be Beneficial For The UK Investors

More people in the UK get interested in real estate investment due to the high chances to earn great money. There exist various types of property to invest in, which is why it’s sometimes difficult to decide, which one is worth your time and cash. In our article, we’ll tell you about different kinds of property investments and give useful tips concerning varieties of property investment and the...

Aug 23, 2021

COVID-19 News: Housing Market In The UK Cools in 2021 As Stamp Duty Holiday Ends

Will UK house prices fall? Yes! That is what already happening in the UK due to the ending of the major part of the Stamp Duty Holiday. As it returns to previous indices in September this year, the levies will return to what they were in 2019. Namely: the sum of first-time-ever purchase of a property that’s freed from the Stamp Tax will be £125,000 again, and so, a buyer will have to pay £5,000...

Aug 19, 2021

Will House Prices Drop After C-Virus As It Makes Property Funds Escape The Market?

Covid-19 influenced many spheres of life and changed people’s habits and preferences. The property market didn’t become an exception. It is still going through great changes and experiences certain hardships. The costs of property became different. Besides, today we can observe the situation when the demand is higher than supply due to the new requirements of people concerning real estate. As a...

Aug 16, 2021

What To Invest In Right Now If You Have A Capital of Hundred Thousand?

What to invest in right now if you have about £100,000 of capital? We have scanned the market and asked some experts, giving them such questions as “What would you personally invest free 100k in?” and “The best way to invest 100k at this very moment.” The answers widely range – no wonder, as closing and opening markets constantly take from or add to the existing opportunities. In this article, ...

Aug 14, 2021

Want To Retire Early Using Real Estate Investing And Rentals? This Is How You Can

An average household income in the US in 2019 was roughly $62,000 annually (before taxes). After deducting all the taxes (roughly 15,000 per 1 household), the net income on hand is $47,000. 1-person medium yearly income in the US in 2019 is roughly $36,000 (before taxes). As it becomes obvious from the given numbers, if you will be more or less passively earning anything like this (or a sum, wh...

Aug 10, 2021

Types Of Properties To Avoid As An Investor When You Buy Investment Real Estate

Investment in real estate is always associated with risks for your money, no matter you finance a deal with your own cash or take a bank loan. What is real estate investing risk in terms of bad types of property? We are considering them down below. Why real estate is connected with risks?Becoming a landlord is not for everyone – only for diligent, hard-working people who are able to calculate i...

Aug 8, 2021

Useful Types Of Insurance That Every Wise Real Estate Investor Should Know And Apply

When you’re running a rental business, insurance (I.) is something that landlords sometimes save on. While it is true that I. event may never happen to you, it is also the truth that if something big-and-bad happens, it may lead to the entire loss of your business. A simple example is a wildfire, which eats up cities and buildings (and these events start being more commonplace year by year sinc...

Aug 5, 2021

A Quick Yet Full Guide Of Making Money With Your Rental Properties In 2022

When you buy a commercial property, there are more ways of making money on it than just let it for rent to tenants. We are reviewing these options in the article. Making money with rental properties: what to start withTo start making money from renting houses, you shall estimate important criteria of your property from the financial point of view. We’ve already highlighted the entire process of...

Aug 5, 2021

6 Most Important Metrics for Real Estate Investors

Every commercial property has a set of important metrics, which define the alluringness of this or that real estate object. Commercial real estate metrics include yield on cost real estate (or OER), real estate return on investment, and others. We are looking at them in this article. What is OER in investing and how it is calculatedOne of the most important stock metrics is OER (alternatively k...

Jul 28, 2021

Valuable Information On How To Analyze Real Estate Deals And Understand Their Attractiveness

An investment property is a huge step. It will affect the life of a small investor owning just 1 property object in the most dramatic way – for decades to come. This means you have to be very wise when calculating profitability and other numbers associated with your investment. How to value real estate and what exactly you should calculate? We’ll review everything in this article. How to analyz...

Jul 25, 2021

Approaches To Making Investments In Cheap Real Estate That Investors Should Know

Many investors ponder about buying a cheap house. They could resell it for a bigger price after renovating or lease it to tenants at a lower price than costlier houses, still gaining nice income. But is it always a good strategy? We’re considering in this article why it can be good and why it can be bad. Also, we take a glance at other options to invest at a low cost. Is cheap real estate alway...

Jul 21, 2021

A Tenant Destroys Property. What Are The Landlord’s Rights In This Case?

Having a tenant that damages or destroys a rented property is a nightmare for most landlords. They sometimes can’t sleep well at night thinking of it. You might have bought a property to let it and earn some money for your decent retirement or other life goals. But there are some tenants who simply don’t care about such life goals of yours and bring damages – unintentionally or purposefully. In...

Jul 18, 2021

The Difference Between Doing Rental Property Repairs And Improvement

When you own or lease some property, things inevitably get broken and wear out with time. The same, improvements may be required, which change the shape and/or appearance of your real estate. Repairs and improvements differ from one another – from the point of view of their nature and taxation. We’re considering rental property repairs vs improvements in more detail below. What’s the point of d...

Jul 16, 2021

Useful Tips On Buying Your First Rental Property

The ROI (Return On Investment) for a good investment property can fluctuate somewhere between 3% and 10% annually. If you own several objects for more than a year and manage them effectively, then you might get a bigger ROI, becoming a professional in the area, and even creating a property management company in the near future. But that’s doable if that’s your thing. While some experts say that...

Jul 15, 2021

7 Best Cities For Making Real Estate Investments In 2022

As one of the most lucrative and trending investment practices, real estate investing keeps making its way to the adventure-hungry minds of up-to-date entrepreneurs. Today, adept business owners rush to invest their money in real properties to get even richer and integrate in the expanding culture of real estate. The real property market is highly “generous” but sometimes, it may get quite chal...

Jul 14, 2021

Is Real Estate Investment Safety In Ukraine Good Enough To Consider Investing?

The Ukrainian real estate market dropped in 2014 by around 75% compared to the previous year due to the Russian war in Ukraine. And it shrank again in 2020 due to Covid-demics. But in 2021, it has a large development momentum – both in prices of a square meter and in a flat hire rate. What is the capital of Ukraine?Kyiv (a.k.a. Kiev) is the capital of Ukraine, one of the biggest by land post-US...

Jul 11, 2021

Ways Of Investing In Real Estate And Get Profit From It

Making money in real estate is one of the ways of passive-over-then-active earning scenarios in life. There are several ways of earning, each requiring its own budget, time & effort. Increasing property value as a certain way of making money in real estateThree factors define the cost of any property: location, development & improvements. As cities expand, more land is taken to be used for the ...

Jul 3, 2021

Top Benefits Of Doing Investments In Construction Of New Real Estate

Buying new construction is a process, which dramatically differs from buying a used house with a history. Here, everything differs pricing principles, pros and cons, and available financing schemes. In this article, we’re looking at all these in detail. What is newly constructed real estate?A building (many-story or private) that has never been on the market before, which constructs right now o...

Jul 1, 2021

Three Simple Yet Effective Ways To Invest In Real Estate In The Modern World

For 54 years in the US (from 1963 to 2017), the average house prices rose 19 times, from around $20 thousand to around $380 thousand. This circumstance alone makes investments in real estate lucrative. Just to compare, we give below the cost of various investable assets for the same period: gold changed from $309 to $1,400 per ounce (+353%) Dow Jones index rose from 6,425 to 24,440 points (+28...

Jun 18, 2021

All Real Estate Investments Risks And How To Avoid Them

What Real Estate Investment Risk Types Are There?As one of the most profitable and hunt for businesses, real estate investing now breaks the records of commercial interest among progressive entrepreneurs. Investing in real estate means integrating into a trending financial culture that brings lavish profits in no time to those who take the right approach to its undulating and somewhat edgy proc...

May 21, 2021

Reasons That Make Investing In Real Estate Lucrative

Investment business is now one of the most profitable financial ventures forward-looking investors so desperately hunting for. Investing in real estate is a highly lucrative practice that can bring loads of “uncle Franklin” bills if conducted wisely. However, there are still some doubtful and shilly-shallying entrepreneurs who question the effectiveness of real estate investments, asking: “Is r...

Apr 23, 2021

The 10 Key Skills Of Real Estate Investing

As real estate became a popular thing to invest in a long time ago, no wonder many people decide to start their wealthy path from investing in property. Even though you don’t have to understand all markets in the world and have a specific degree, it is important to have a basic set of skills that will contribute to your investing experience a lot. Let’s see the 10 key skills necessary for real ...

Apr 20, 2021

From An Ugly Duckling To A Beautiful Swan: The Ukrainian Capital Real Estate Market

The potential inherent in the Ukrainian capital has made it one of the hottest destinations for real estate investments in Europe in recent years. DGY Investments, which deals with real estate investments and property management in Kyiv, can make any property investment dream a reality. Those who wishto invest in real estate abroad should take a closer look at Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine, whi...

Apr 9, 2021

What Is The Best Investment Property To Buy?

Residential Real EstateResidential real property is considered to be the best option worth investing in. It is a perfect solution for many investors as it makes it easier to turn profits consistently. Nevertheless, it is significant to take into account different levels of competition in the markets and the variability of residential real estate strategies. That’s why try to concentrate on choo...

Jan 5, 2021

Emerging Trends In Real Estate: USA

After the troublesome year 2020, with many unforeseen events, the US economy is still recovering. Not only did the trade war with the Chinese Republic have an impact on the market development, but also the oncoming presidential election and of course the Corona pandemic. As times are unpredictable, many people seek security invested in housing. But even though many people were hit by the recess...

Dec 23, 2020

How COVID-19 Changes Real Estate Investing

Many experts also assume that the virus will never vanish completely, but come back from time to time, similar to, for example, the Influenza virus. To keep safe from further infections and also because of the side-effects caused by fighting the virus, analysts expect the Real Estate Market to change drastically. Read our blog post on how COVID -19 might change the market to stay alert for furt...

Dec 14, 2020

Emerging Trends In Real Estate: Europe 2020

Consisting out of 26 different countries, Europe is still considered the most popular Continent for Business, Investment, and Real Estate. Read our Short on upcoming Trends in the Area between London and Bucharest, Rome, and Stockholm for the second part of 2020. At the beginning of 2020, investors thought positively of the new year. The global economic outlook was mixed but investors were conf...

Dec 14, 2020

11 Tips For New Investors In Real Estate

Buying real estate is an incredible opportunity to grow economically. Real estate investing is the purchase, ownership, supervision, rental, or sale of property for profit. However, there is a lot more to it. When you invest in real estate for the first time, you are setting yourself up for a more financially safe future. The first actions you take are crucial in determining how well you can ha...

Dec 14, 2020

How To Get Into Real Estate

IntroductionInvesting in the real estate business is always a good idea. It’s relatively stable, it offers a good income and it can be fun as well. But with everything, at first sight, starting is not easy. You will have to know many things when you begin and you have to learn even more things while you are doing it. So, as support, feel free to read our quick overview of what it takes to get y...

More about DGY

DGY is a real estate investment and property management company. Our experts have an impressive experience in turning businessmen into smart real estate investors. We collect limitless opportunities throughout the world’s best real estate markets and help our clients implement the best deals. We take care of all due diligence and customize documentation while your income grows. We also provide you with property management services so you can forget about the tiresome maintenance of several objects and entrust this process to professionals.

Investment advice and recommendations

DGY is an investment company that takes care of every client and helps them become successful investors. With the help of an investment experience and a well-thought plan, we will help you examine the market, choose a strategy specifically for you or your business, and calculate future costs to start making money with real estate investment.

Property management

In order to invest in real estate, you should consider how you will run your management in Ukraine. DGY will help you eliminate all possible pitfalls at an early stage as a personal project manager will be assigned to your case. They will assist you in choosing the project according to all required objectives.

Property Renovation

DGY Investments takes care not only of purchasing property but also renovating an existing one. With the help of a thorough plan and estimating, we will thoroughly prepare a property for sale. Our professionals evaluate an investment property and create a strategy that includes the costs for renovation, possible taxes, fluctuations on the market, etc. Therefore, our clients are able to resell the renovated properties in Ukraine with more than 15-20% profit from the initial price.


Before our clients decide to deal with real estate investing, they consult with our experts concerning details such as the necessary documents needed to purchase a property and successfully run all the processes connected to it.
Therefore, if you are eager to invest in Ukraine, it’s essential to have all the paperwork done correctly, and that’s the moment when our team of experts takes care of this step. DGY Investments helps investors buy real estate property, manage the paperwork, start preparing relevant documents for purchasing realty in Ukraine, and close the deal successfully.

Real estate investment opportunities in Ukraine

When an investor decides to invest in real estate in Ukraine, the most affordable way to attain stable passive income is through buying residential real estate. Investors can expect to receive a regular monthly payment from their tenants at a fixed monthly amount, unaffected by inflation or other unforeseen circumstances. The amount of rental income will vary depending on the size, type of property and location. For example, buying an apartment in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is beneficial to investors due to offering a large working population, central location and affordable prices. Hence, the minimum price of renting a decent one-bedroom apartment in Shevchenkivskyi District will be around $1000 per month in 2021, followed by Pecherskyi District with a cost of $850 per month. Besides, investing in real estate in Ukraine annually brings clever investors up to 15% of yield, attracting many business people every year.

Properties for investments in Ukraine

Ukraine has a giant sector for real estate investing. Businessmen who come there all over the world often choose between investing in residential and commercial properties. The main advantage of buying property in Ukraine is the affordability of prices on the houses and apartments. For instance, if you invest in real estate in a historical district, a luxurious apartment will cost you around $85k only.

How to invest in Ukrainian Real Estate

In order to invest in Ukrainian real estate, you should take into account a list of crucial factors. The first one is to choose what kind of realty you are going to invest in: residential or commercial. It is vital as it should comply with Ukrainian real estate law. The second tip is to identify the purpose of purchase in order to make a strategy for the property. For instance, you may purchase the property for your own use or buy it for lease. The next step is to calculate the taxes and what kinds of taxes are payable during the purchase, owning, or selling. Also, to invest in real estate properly, you should keep in mind currency control rules in Ukraine to sell a property and get a higher profit.